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Welcome aboard the Wolf's Lair!
Wolfshead Squadron's Home Page

Welcome to Wolfshead Squadron's home page. We are an unofficial StarWars fan group devoted to Lucas Arts games like X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing vs. TieFighter and X-Wing Alliance.

Our main activity aside from playing the games it to write StarWars fan fiction, to create custom missions and to enjoy the company of those who share our hobby and obsessions.

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United We Stand....

Now available in the Databanks!


Find out what's new on this webpage and see which our latest changes and additions were.   Information about the individual groups within Wolfshead Squadron, about our Organization and our Personnel
More information about Wolfshead Squadron, about our history and with information about how to join us.   Point of View Theater with our most recent and featured StarWars FanFiction stories.
Our complete StarWars FanFiction library with many fine stories written by our members.   A place to relax, to have a drink and to exchange stories between combat. Follow this link to reach the message boards.
Access our Databanks, which are filled with custom missions, tools and imagery for download.   One of the noisier areas aboard. The Armoury serves as storage and shooting range for the more exotic weaponry of ours.
This is where we keep older versions of our webpage. Interested? You're welcome to take a look.   Looking for something special? Then you're welcome to use our search engine to locate it.
Take a shuttle to other interesting StarWars related destinations and to other squadrons that we're associated with. This search engine has links to many interesting stories which have been written by members of other squadrons.


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