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Our pilots must be ever vigilant and ready to get in the action against Imperial forces. Off-duty activities are thus highly encouraged to allow our pilots to keep morale high. One such place is The Bomb Shelter.

A small forward compartment hold on board ship where pilots can go to rest and relax and have a drink. The Bomb Shelter, unlike the regular ship's lounge, also contains some of the rare and more *interesting* drinks in the galaxy, including the infamous Blue Stuff. Thanks to a recent raid by the pilots of Wolfshead Squad, several kegs of vintage Blue Stuff was "rescued" from Imperial clutches, and is now a highly welcome addition to the bar.

Only pilots of Wolfshead Squad and a few friends have ever been to The Bomb Shelter. Wolfshead's Tacrtical Officer Foxfire, is the unofficial bartender whose speciality is mixing marg'aritas and Long Island Iced Teas. The existence of the illicit bar is a sore point with the ship's captain, as it represents a breach of protocol and SOP. However, the pilots have been extremely careful about keeping its location a secret, and security measures have been taken to ensure that the bar remains safe when no one is present. The Captain however, has sworn to find the bar and see to its removal.

Likewise, he has sworn to bring charges against the founders of the bar (of whom he has definite suspicions) once he discovers the culprits and has concrete proof of their culpability.



The naming of The Bomb Shelter took place shortly after the liberation of the vintage Blue Stuff from the Imperials. The name itself is representative of what the place means to the pilots, and how it has truly sheltered many of our members. It is a special place where pilots can go to unwind, safe in the knowledge that whatever is said within, will forever remain unspoken. It is a place where our sorrows and pains may be eased and our spirits restored.


People are encouraged to bring little goodies and other speciality drinks, as well as any tales they may wish to share around the table. We welcome any tales you may wish to share with the members of Wolfshead Squad here in The Bomb Shelter.


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