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What's new?

Latest webpage changes and additions:


Thursday, 08th December 2005

We've just opened the Iberyan Zone, a section with contents in Spanish. Hopefully other languages will follow.



Monday, 19th January 2004

United We Stand.... draws to a close with this, the release of the 5th and final mission of the campaign. We were shooting for epic on this one, so we hope you all enjoy it!

Head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks to download the mission and the voice files (the voice files being highly recommended for this one), then strap yourself in for what should be quite a ride.



Monday, 12th January 2004

Mission 4 of United We Stand.... is up for download in the databanks, as well as the voice files for the mission!

Head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks to download both and take control of the YT-2000 Mystic in a daring rescue operation.



Monday, 5th January 2004

Now available in the databanks is Mission 3 of United We Stand...., along with, of course, the associated voice files.

Head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks to download both and continue the fight along side of Wolfshead.

And, of course, Happy New Year!



Monday, 29nd December 2003

As promised, a week to the day after the release of Mission 1 of United We Stand...., Mission 2 has now been released.

Head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks to download both mission and voices for this latest installment of the campaign.



Monday, 22nd December 2003

It is with great pleasure that Wolfshead Squadron announces the release of a new, custom ToD for XWA. Solo and Erebus have been hard at work for quite some time on a 5-mission campaign to get you all to dust off those joysticks.

While the entire campaign has not been released, the first mission is now available. Look for the rest of the missions on a week by week basis, approximately.

Now, get to downloading! You can find it in the Wolf's Lair Databanks.



Monday, 15th December 2003

Once again, we have a new wallpaper available in the Wolf's Lair databanks! Again, this is Ibero's doing, although at the behest of certain others. It's a promise, and a slight announcement, of sorts--the "United We Stand..." Campaign Poster!

Head over to the Wolf's Lair Databanks or directly to the Wallpapers page (check the "Squadron In Action" section) to see and download it, and stay tuned for what it promises--it'll be a great ride!



Wednesday, 19th November 2003

Now available in the Wolf's Lair databanks is another new wallpaper! And this time, it isn't the work of Ibero!

Hank "Spook" Chiu has been hard at work on the newest of the available wallpapers. Head over to the Wolf's Lair Databanks or directly to the Wallpapers page to see it and download it!



Monday, 27th October 2003

Dario "Ibero" Pozo has given us yet another amazing wallpaper for use on your desktop (or just to stare at and drool)! This one bringing into play one of the most important elements of of the Lair: the shuttle Compassion.

Trust me when I tell you you need to see this one--set against a mountainous background, it looks like a scene come to life from Collateral Damage. Head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks or directly to the Wallpapers page to see it and download it!



Monday, 13th October 2003

By now, you've got to be wondering, "What's left for the guy to make a wallpaper of?" However, Dario "Ibero" Pozo has done it again, this time featuring a lesser-mentioned ship!

Now, I'm sure all this has you curious as to just what he might have in store for you. Well, I ain't gonna tell ya'. You're just going to have to head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks or directly to the Wallpapers page to find out!



Monday, 29th September 2003

He'd tackled AWs and BWs, so you knew it was only a matter of time. Now available on the wallpaper page is a new wallpaper from Dario "Ibero" Pozo's Landscapes and Starships series featuring XWS!

Head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks or directly to the Wallpapers page to download a copy!



Monday, 15th September 2003

Now available for your downloading (and displaying) pleasure is the latest in Dario "Ibero" Pozo's Hangar series of wallpapers, this one titled "Capt. Gen'yaa Arriving on the Wolf's Lair."

Head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks or directly to the Wallpapers page to download a copy!



Tuesday, 9th September 2003

After a short delay (sorry about that, folks--Real Life (TM) intervened), we have yet another of Ibero's amazing landscape wallpapers available for download. Instead of a-wings, Ibero turned his interests towards the heavy hitters of the NR fighter forces: the b-wings.

Head to the Wolf's Lair Databanks or directly to the Wallpapers page to download a copy!



Monday, 18th August 2003

Now available in the Wolf's Lair Databanks is a new wallpaper. Again provided by Ibero, this one entitled "Keeping Guard on the Hangar".

Head over to the Wallpapers page download a copy!



Monday, 11th August 2003

Ibero's been hard at work on new wallpapers. There is another one available now, this time taking us away from the familiar surroundings of the Lair and even the familiar star-field backdrop.

This time, see the Wolfshead fighters set against a natural landscape. Head on over to the Wallpapers page to have a look!



Monday, 4th August 2003

Once again, Wolfshead Squadron has a new addition to the rendered wallpapers. This is another view of a busy day on the Lair's hangar deck, modeled and textured by Dario "Ibero" Pozo.

Now, Ibero's been busy enough that we have decided to locate the rendered wallpapers on their own separate page. The page can be accessed from the Databanks page, or you can just click here.

What are you doing still reading this? Get on over there!



Monday, 28th July 2003

Part of making his movie required Dario "Ibero" Pozo to model areas of the Lair for which models did not previously exist. You've seen examples of this in the wallpapers of the bridge released a while back.

Well, now there's a view of another of those areas available as a wallpaper for your computer. Make your way to the Databanks to download a view of the Wolf's lair's hangar! It's in the "Other" section and is labeled as "Rendered Wallpaper of the Lair's hangar."



Monday, 21th July 2003

After quite a long while of work modeling new portions of the Lair and waiting interminable lengths of time for his computer to process all the information, Dario "Ibero" Pozo has released a new CG movie of the squadron and ship in action! Make your way to the Databanks to download the Fighter Squadron movie and be amazed!



Thursday, 19th June 2003

A small new addition to the page: a new picture of the Compassion has been placed on the SAR page! Again, this new render is courtesy of Ibero.



Wednesday, 18th June 2003

Some new wallpapers, courtesy of Ibero, have been added to the Wolf's Lair Databanks! Scroll down the page a little to find them.

The first, labeled "Wolfshead Squadron Wallpaper 2" is a spectacular picture of various Wolfshead fighters leaving the Lair for a combat mission. The next two are different perspectives of the Wolf's Lair's bridge. All three are available in either 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 sizes.

Unfortunately, you're left with the choice of exactly which render to use for your desktop....



Friday, 13th June 2003

After many long years of distinguished service, Lt. Col. Michael "Vyper" Stauber has decided to step down from his post as CO of Wolfshead squadron. Real life is treating him well, and he felt he no longer had the time available to devote to his duties as squadron commander. He has, to our collective delight, elected to stay on as one of Wolfshead's active-duty pilots. We all thank him for the legacy of excellence he has created for this organization.

Of course, we would like to extend our congratulations to Dario "Ibero" Pozo, as well: he will be taking upon him the mantle of CO. You will find no argument in saying that no one else in the squadron deserved the post of CO more.

Along with the change of CO come the following changes to the Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:

Charbel "Solo" Tengroth is promoted to Major and given the post of Executive Office (XO).
Daniel "Drake" Sutherland is promoted to Captain and given the post of Intellingence Officer (IntO).
Michael "Raiven" Rovardi is promoted to Captain and given the post of Operations Officer (OpsO).
Thrinssaa "Erebus" Kirsaph is promoted to 1st Lieutenant and given the post of Tactical Officer (TacO).

At the same time, there are some new changes to the web-site:

There is an updated squadron picture to be seen. Notice the new Wolfshead Squadron paint scheme, made by Erebus, applied to the X-Wing, and the background provided by the new 3D model of the hangar, provided by Ibero.
There is a new picture of the Wolf's Lair's bridge to be seen, as well, with textures and model by Ibero.
The squadron history has been updated--a whole new page started that will be filling up pretty soon.

Expect even more changes in the near future, some of them very spectacular!



Saturday, 28th September 2002

Now in the Wolf's Lair Databanks is a replacement OPT for the stock A-Wing OPT in XvT and BoP.

This OPT contains designs for Red Squadron, Corsair Squadron (which takes the place of the previous design for Gold squadron) and Gray Squadron (which takes the place of the previous design for Green Squadron), and a design for Wolfshead Squadron (taking the place of the Blue Squadron design).

The replacement AW OPTs have been packaged with the replacement XW OPTs.

Want it? Try clicking right here (XvT) or right here (BoP).

Special thanks, of course, to Zoom, Ranger, Ketch, Impulse, and Syntax for for their work designing their respective squadrons' new paint jobs.



Tuesday, 30th July 2002

Captain Arachnoid has asked to be relieved of his duty as Wolfshead Squadron Intelligence Officier, but wishes to retain his flight status. We want to thank Diego for the excellent job he did while filling this position and with sadness and reluctance we therefore agree to his demotion to 1st Lieutenant, so that he can continue to serve with the Squadron.

To fill the command wing vacancy it was decided to promote 1st Lieutenant Charbel Solo Tengroth to the rank of Captain and he will be serving as our new Intelligence Officer.

Furthermore the 2nd Lieutenants Michael Raiven Rovardi and Daniel Drake Sutherland are hereby promoted to the Rank of 1st Lieutenant.

Additionally Flight Officer Thrinssaa Erebus Kirsaph is promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Congratulations, Gentlemen!

--Vyper - Wolfshead CO


Friday, 12th July 2002

A new training lecture was added to the existing training lectures. Listen in on Erebus briefing the squadron on tactics to employ when assaulting large facilities.



Monday, 10th June 2002

The printable version of Dario Ibero Pozo's POV: Collateral Damage if finally here. And the PDF version, too.

You find them in the POV Theater.

We recommend not to try to actually print it, or half an acre of forest needs to be chopped to print the 246 pages. But the PDF is a nice way to keep a copy or for offline reading.



Friday, 29th March 2002

It is with great pleasure and honor that we announce the publication of Dario Ibero Pozo's POV: Collateral Damage. Three years of hard work have culminated in an epic, engrossing tale that will have you glued to your screen much longer than is probably good for your eye-sight.

Don't believe me? Go read it yourself at the POV Theater.

It is also a great pleasure to announce the newest addition to our ranks: a bouncing baby girl to which Ibero's wife gave birth on 27th March, 2002. Please join us in congratulating our XO on this new and most welcomed addition to his family!

Drake's POV Freedom's End has been moved to the Reading Room.



Monday, 11th March 2002

As you might have noticed by the subtle pointers on the startpage:

Dario Ibero Pozo's POV: Collateral Damage is finally finished and almost ready to be publised. After almost three years of writing it's finally done. And what a story it is, indeed! If you haven't already done so, then you might want to start with the chapters of it which have already been published.

The final chapters will be published here soon, so stay tuned!



Friday, 1st February 2002

Now in the Wolf's Lair Databanks is a replacement OPT for the stock X-Wing OPT in BoP.

This OPT contains duplicates the designs for Red and Green Squadrons, a design for Rogue Squadron (which takes the place of the previous design for Gold squadron), and a design for Wolfshead Squadron (taking the place of the Blue Squadron design) which duplicate those in the replacement OPT for the XW in XvT (also available in the Wolf's Lair Databanks).

Want it? Try clicking right here.

As before, special thanks, of course, to Krayt, Jalb_k, Minuteman, and Zoom for for their work designing their respective squadrons' new paint jobs.



Sunday, 27th January 2002

The new Wolfshead Squadron Patch has been added to the Wolfshead Squadron Duty Roster.



Friday, 25th January 2002

Wolfshead Squadron does not, has not and will not "borrow" content from any other website. Opposed to what Michael Vidster Videlka - Green 16 claims.

We neither did so in the past, nor do we plan to do so in the future. Anyone who says otherwise is a blatant liar.

All content on this webpage was created by Wolfshead Squadron members. Either alone, or working in a concerted effort with people from other squadrons and in that cases the content was used with their permission and consent. Additionally proper credit was given where due.

To protest the unwarranted and false accusations of Michael Vidster Videlka I removed the link to the Green Squadron website and the MECantina. Both places are the unfortunate "home" of said individual who repeatedly brought this false accusations forward.


This doesn't reflect any squadron policy. Neither ours, nor theirs.

He's making it personal and I take it that way.

Apologies to our friends in Green, but as long as Vidster doesn't retract his false statements and offers an apology for his repeated and false accusations I will not devote paid ressources to link to any websites that hosts his lies.

Michael "Vyper" Stauber


Wednesday, 9th January 2002

Wolfshead Squadron is proud to announce some new additions to her armory. Go take a look at the A-460 Light Repeating Blaster and the FE-P Missile Launcher.

Also, a logo has been added to Erebus's bio.



Saturday, 29th December 2001

Today is the 5th aniversary of our webpage. Five years in business and still going great. Thanks to all of you, visitors and squadmates alike.

If you feel nostalgic, then be sure to check out the webpage archives and our squadron history.



Sunday, 23rd December 2001

This "What's new" is actually a breaking with traditions as it doesn't tell what's new on our site. However, it's very good news nonetheless. Dario Ibero Pozo's marvelous POV Joan d'Arc has been published in Spanish language at the Spanish StarWars site Lores del Sith. You can find it here.


However, we do have another piece of news for today, the launch of the revamped Armoury, incorporating numerous new weapons for both Wolfshead Squadron and Lynx Commando. Take a look around, but don't worry - Granite doesn't bite. Much.



Thursday, 22nd November 2001

Another quick update - this time to Solo's Bio, which was somewhat long in the tooth.

As flight leader of the squadron's X Wing group, Wolffang, Solo was a little slow in hiding the fact he didn't despise A Wings as all good X Wing pilots should.

It should be noted that the above is obviously a joke, you speed freak A Wingers



Wednesday, 21st November 2001

Making its first appearance today in the Wolfshead Databanks is a replacement OPT for the stock X-Wing OPT in XvT.

This OPT contains beautiful new designs for Red and Green Squadrons, a design for Rogue Squadron (which takes the place of the previous design for Gold squadron), and a design for Wolfshead Squadron (taking the place of the Blue Squadron design).

Want it? Try clicking right here.

Special thanks, of course, to Krayt, Jalb_k, Minuteman, and Zoom for putting up with my annoyingly incessant e-mails and for designing their respective squadrons' new paint jobs.



Week of 12th-16th November 2001

Ok, a consolidated entry for this week, since the individual entries look a little sloppy. Updates to Raiven's Bio and Drake's Bio, including links to their new Astromech Bios for Arpin and Ledner, respectively. Drake's Bio also sports a new logo. The Copyright and Credits Page should now be up to date.

A special thanks goes to Sean Leo Healey, Red 6, for providing the Astromech graphics on Ledner and Arpin's bio pages.



Saturday, 27th October 2001

Finally. The new Zope based website goes public. See the next entry for details.

The last two hours (since midnight European summer time) the website has been off and on at times as I was trying to come up with a slick set of mod_rewrite conditions for the Apache webserver. But now everything (including the userwebs) should work again.

Additionally the POV Search Engine has moved to a new URL. It's now at


Thursday, 25th October 2001

The new Zope based website goes into internal beta-testing. A whole bunch of inconsistencies, outright errors or stylistic misshaps have been corrected.

Some interesting new weapons have been added to the Armoury, created by Michael "Raiven" Rovardi. Excellent work, Mike!


Saturday, 20th October 2001

To make website maintenance easier and a group effort we finally switched the website to Zope. That is a content management / application server.

Zope allows us to make website maintenance a group effort as it separates design from content. That way even people with just basic understanding of HTML can add and edit pages, while the HTML-wizards take care of the general design and the eye candy.

At this moment we're still in the progress of moving the content from the old static webpage to this site.


Wednesday, 5th September 2001

An epic story comes to an dramatic end: Forged through Fire is finally finished and available in the POV Theater as well as in the Reading Room. Raiven and Drake - congratulations on a job well done.


Make that exceptionally well done! ;o)


Monday, 31st July 2001

All of our POVs are now available in two additional formats. You can download them as PDF and view them with Acrobat Reader, or you can use the new printerfriendly version.

But carefully! The printerfriendly pages take a loooong time to load if the story is big. ;o)

You find the new links in the Reading Room as well as on the POV's themselves.


Thuesday, 22nd May 2001

Wolfshead Squadron welcomes its newest member: Flight Officer Thrinssaa "Erebus" Kirsaph, Wolfshead 22! Welcome aboard, Erebus!

Additionally we've finally come around and now offer X-Wing Alliance entry requirements for those interested in joining. Yes, this took maybe a while too long. But thanks to Solo's persistance and good work they're finally there. ;o)

And the Training Lectures are back! Check out Solo's newest lectures about fighting in transports.


Thuesday, 3rd April 2001

The wait and suspension is finally over! Drake and Raiven released further parts of their outstanding POV: Forged through Fire.

You can find the new chapters in the POV-Theater, while the older chapters are available in the Reading Room.


Thursday, 29th March 2001

Wolfshead Squadron welcomes its newest member: Flight Officer Jynsama "Jade" Marselles, Wolfshead 17! Welcome aboard, Jade!

Check out Jade's pilot bio and his POV A War of Attrition, which can be found in the Reading Room.


Wednesday, 28th March 2001

Many small fixes throughout the site. And a long overdue rework of the copyright and disclamer page to update the list of contributors. Updating this list had been neglected for so long, that I'm more than sure that not all contributors are listed. However, this has not been done intentionally. So you're more than welcome to give me a hollar if you detect a screw-up of mine.


Monday, 26th March 2001

New addition to the POV-Theater: POV Freedom's End, written by Daniel "Drake" Sutherland has finally been released!

Ibero's POV Collateral Damage has been moved to the Reading Room.


Monday, 29th January 2001

Updated the Hangar Bay links for Kalidor Wing and Blue Squadron.


Wednesday, 15th November 2000

Two new aditions to our website:

The POV-Theater now features Collateral Damage, written by Dario Ibero Pozo.

And there is a new Tour of Duty for X-Wing vs. TieFighter (BoP required) available: Dancing with the Wolf from Lee Hawk Birdine.


Sunday, 22th October 2000

Oh well ... This site has 8308 hyperlinks on 227 pages. Some of them had to be broken, or just went to the wrong destinations. Most of that should be fixed by now. Many thanks to those who pointed them out!


Friday, 20th October 2000

After some last minute bugfixes and consistency checks the new website goes public. Phew ... there we are. And stay tuned, we'll have some nifty updates again soon! :o)

Wednesday, 18th October 2000

Adoption of the Unified Ranking System as proposed by Stryker- Renegade Wing CO. Pilot and NPC ranks were changed accordingly.


Monday, 16th October 2000

Very first and defenitely not final preview of the new website layout uploaded for semi-public beta test. Minor changes throughout the site.


Friday, 13th October 2000

Redesign of all HTML code for the webpage has been finished, yet the imagery to fill the blank spaces in the general page layout is missing. Upload of the pages for squadron internal betatest.


Wednesday, 11th October 2000

Wolfshead Squadron bids a fond farewell to all those members, who haven't reported in within the last half year. We want to thank all of them for their contributions and for the time they've spent with us. Torpedo, Iceman, Sparks, Sacart and Gandalf, you're welcome back anytime, but for the moment we've listed you as Missing in Action. To fill the gap in our Command Wing Captain Arachnoid has been selected as new Intelligence and Inter-Squadron Liaison Officer. His new designation will be Arachnoid - Wolfshead 4 (IntO). Congratulations!


Friday, 6th October 2000

General layout concept finished. Arachnoid started working on the required images, while Vyper starts tackling with the old HTML code.


Monday, 2nd October 2000

Decission was made to totally revamp the webpage and to do away with the old mazelike and framed thing that had served us so long. Maybe quite too long.

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