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Information about the individual groups within Wolfshead Squadron, about our Organization and our Personnel

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Organization table

Over here you'll find a list of all fighter pilots currently assigned to Wolfshead Squadron.

The Strike Cruiser Wolf's Lair is the home of Wolfshead Squadron. The crew of the Wolf's Lair is staffed exclusively with quite interesting NPC characters.

Lynx Commando is our main support unit. Its mission is to provide ground assault firepower and each member is a highly trained and specialized professional. Lynx is also staffed exclusively with NPC characters.

The Shuttle Compassion under command of 1st Lieutenant Rooster provides Search and Rescue Services for Wolfshead Squadron.

The inactive reserve roster consists of all Wolfshead pilots which have been declared missing in action, or which otherwise took an extended leave from active duty.

Learn more about the ranking system that we use aboard the Wolf's Lair.



If you want to send Email to an individual member of Wolfshead Squadron, then use the following format to determine the member's email address:

Example: To send Vyper an Email, send it to


If you want to join Wolfshead Squadron, then
please check our Recruiting Office.



Random Quote:
"Asteroids do not concern me, Captain Needa" -- Darth Vader

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