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Custom Pilot Weaponry

Frozen Eradicator

Frozen Eradicator

Owners: Peter "Ice" Kovessy and DSC "Arachnoid"

Designation: Stand off assault weapon

Manufacturer: unknown

Physical description: The Frozen Eradicator is a fair bit larger than the average blaster, about 40 cm. (15 inches) in total length. The barrel is also large, about 6 cm. (2.5 inches) in diameter and takes up half of the total length. At the end of the barrel is a funnel shaped cooling vent, used regulating the temperature of the firing chamber, which is right behind the vent. Feeding the chamber are two pressurized gas containers, one containing liquid nitrogen, the other Liicle, a highly explosive gas. When the trigger is pulled, the two gasses meet in the firing chamber to form one small gas ball. The nitrogen is ignited and sent hurtling out the barrel towards it's target. Upon contact, it mushrooms out and petrifies what ever is in it's way, making the target prone to further assault. While most deadly against targets without armor, firing two consecutive shots against an armored target manages to pierce to armor with the first shot and make contact with the second. While having an absolute range of half a kilometer, most shots start to lose their potency after about 50 meters. On average, one will get roughly about 250 shots before having to replace the chambers. Many modified utility belts now have available spots for these gas containers, and when one can find a short break in combat, the gas chambers can be replaced in under a minute. 

Due to it's mass, two hands often have to be used to grasp this weapon. In addition to the standard slanted grip provided behind the trigger, and additional grip is located in front of the trigger, behind the vent, as to avoid making contact with the discharging gases. Above the trigger grip is a small switch, accessed via the thumb, which activates the targeting sensor. A beam, emitted from the light above the barrel, provides the user with some idea of what he or she is aiming at. Rarely used as a sniper's rifle, this blaster has no scope. Fired from the hip, the blaster often hangs from a belt, with the barrel flat against one's leg. Not exactly a concealed weapon, but the grip folds in, so when worn with baggy clothing covering it, it often passes as little more than a bag at one's side.

History: Once ago Ice was hired to do some shipping for an arms dealer in his pre-Alliance days for an arms dealer. Because of the illegal nature of the job, no formal contract was signed, yet a verbal agreement assured Ice a high level of compensation. However, on completion of his mission, Ice was rewarded by a single unusual blaster rifle. Royally ticked off, he was about to put the blaster to good use, but it soon struck him that if this arms dealer could produce something as deadly as the blaster Ice possessed, he could no doubt beat Ice in a fight. At this point in time, Ice had little use for the rifle, so it was put away for the remainder of Ice’s shipping career.

Use: This is one of the best security blankets a pilot can have while in the cockpit. It easily fits inside even the modest confines of an A-Wing. If a pilot is forced or ordered to land in a hostile environment, it can be used to be repel hostile forces, clearing unfavorable environments and at the same time can be carried with the pilot until they reach safety, ready to fire at any moment.

Along the same line, it is an insufficient blaster for everyday use. While Lieutenant Ice still carries it attached to his hip when out at the Mos Eisley Cantina or elsewhere, it is hard to conceal, and in an emergency, can not be accessed quickly. It has no stun setting, so can not be used in missions where making prisoners is required. Because of the above reasons, in addition to the mysterious disappearance of the arms dealer who sold Ice the gun, the Frozen Eradicator has rarely been spotted. Despite this, it’s no-nonsense approach, reliability and uniqueness has won it a place at Ice’s side and in the Wolfshead Squad Armory.


Random Quote:
"Bring 'em on, I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around!" -- Han Solo

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