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Intelligence/Commando Weapon

EWHB-10 "E-Web" Heavy Repeating Blaster

Designation:  E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster

Manufacturer:  Blastech Corporation

Physical Description:  Crew-served tripod-mounted Repeating Blaster Cannon. Minimum 2-man crew, Infantry portable, separate power generator/cooling unit

History:  The E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster takes its name from "Emplaced Weapon, Heavy Blaster", and is standard equipment for many Imperial Army and Stormtrooper units throughout the galaxy.  The Rebel Alliance, operating as it did with any weapons that it could beg, borrow or steal, regularly gained possession of E-Webs from capturing on the field of battle, raids, and theft of supplies.

Use:   The E-Web is a support weapon, pure and simple.  Capable of transportation by two crewmembers (although the load is frequently shared between more for ease and speed of movement), the weapon comprises of the cannon, a sturdy tripod, and a Eskoan combination power generator/cyrogenic cooling unit (visible above).  The weapon is equipped with Starvision and IR sensors for night use, and incorporates a comm unit for co-ordinating fire with other E-Web crews if regular command channels fail or are jammed.

The E-Web is used almost exclusively for planetside special operations, since its large size makes it impractical for use just about anywhere else.  The rapid, heavy firepower is ideal for ambushes and assaults against just about any target up to and including AT-ST Scout Walkers.

Due to their large size, and ready availability (they can always steal replacements from the Imperials), E-Webs are frequently abandoned (usually booby-trapped) once their usefulness on a given mission has expired - Lynx troopers are trained to abandon the weapon when speed is of the essence (as it frequently is).

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