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SoroSuub SG-6 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Designation: Heavy Blaster Pistol

Manufacturer: SoroSuub Corporation

Physical Description: Standard side arm, single handed grip, sighting scope, three power settings. Aprox. 50 shots per power pack. Larger and bulkier than the standard BE-25 and BE-35 pistols.

History: The SoroSuub SG-6 represents a concerted attempt by SoroSuub to break into a market sector dominated by BlasTech's DL-4x series weapons, such as the DL-44 made famous by people like Han Solo. This weapon was one of several types selected by various members of Lynx Commando, and its heavy firepower has won it several fans amongst the Wolfshead pilots.

Use: The SG-6 represents a large step-up in firepower over the BE-25 and, to a lesser extent, the BE-35. The SG-6 has slightly less range and accuracy than the larger of the BE- pistols, but packs a significantly heavier punch. This punch comes with a stiff price, however, as the power pack - a standard, common size across most sidearms including those used as standard by Wolfshead and Lynx - will provide approximately half the shots compared to use in a normal blaster pistol.

Raiven and Solo carry the SG-6 instead of the standard-issue BE-25 when flying due to the extra firepower it provides.

Heavy blaster pistols are illegal on many planets of the Empire, but it is a rule that is generally ignored amongst the circles and areas in which Wolfshead operate in when planetside. It should be noted for covert operations, however, that local laws should be researched beforehand to ensure that any weapons that are planned to be carried overtly are legal in the local jurisdiction.

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"I am sorry, they landed right before you did, I had no choice!" -- Lando Calrissian

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