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Custom Pilot Weaponry

FE-MEK45 Imperial Special Forces Blaster

FE-MEK45 Special Forces Assault Blaster

Owner: Michael "Vyper" Stauber

Designation: FE-MEK45 (Fabrique Electric - Mitrailleuse d'Energie Kinetique Model 45) Assault Blaster

Manufacturer: Fabrique Electric

Physical Description: Similar to any heavy blaster pistol, but with a slightly elongated muzzle and a larger hand grip to accommodate a larger power pack. The weapon is fitted with an extendable shoulder stock and a folding forward handgrip that convert the weapon from a large blaster pistol to a small assault weapon in seconds.

History: The FE-MEK45 Assault Blaster was designed by Fabrique Electric to meet the constant demand for better weapons by the Empire. It was originally envisioned as a general purpose hand blaster for officers and others who would be inconvenienced by carrying a blaster rifle. However, due to its expense (nearly double the price of a standard heavy blaster), the Empire did not purchase it in large quantities. The few that were purchased went to those who had need of such a powerful but concealable weapon, such as espionage agents, high ranking officers, and elite troops. Indeed, this weapon has come to be identified so much with the Emperors best troops, it is commonly referred to as the Special Forces Blaster. Vyper came in to possession of his MEK45 whilst serving with the Black Knights in the Imperial Navy. As an elite squadron, the Black Knights were issued with this weapon and Vyper soon grew to love his, always taking it with him into the cockpit, hoping to defend himself from the bloodthirsty rebels. After his defection he continues to wear it in battle, as the death mark against his name by the Emperor ensures he stands little chance of survival if captured by the Empire.

Use: The Special Forces Blaster is an incredibly powerful weapon for its size. This hand pistol has a firing rate and range close to that of an Imperial blaster rifle, making it capable of outgunning virtually every weapon in its class. This performance comes at a price, however. The pistols barrel cannot vent the heat generated by continuous rapid fire easily, and so can overheat and jam at inconvenient time. The MEK45 had a safety inhibitor limiting the firing rate to avoid such an occurrence, but most users have long since removed this preferring to rely on their own judgment and have a faster firing rate. It's other drawback is that it drains its power packs at a ferocious rate, forcing Vyper to carry several replacements at a time. Another disadvantage, though this is no fault of the weapon itself, is that since few of these blasters are in service, and since most of these belong to elite troops, the Alliance has captured very few of these blasters. This makes getting hold of the MEK45's custom power pack extremely difficult, so instead of throwing away empty power packs, Vyper has to keep them and recharge them, a slow process at best.


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