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Commando Heavy Weapon

FE-P Missile Launcher

FE-P Missile Launcher

Designation: FE-P (Fabrique Electric - Projecteur) Missile Launcher

Manufacturer: Fabrique Electric

Physical Description: Shoulder-fired missile launcher, tubular construction with a two piece construction. Missile is encapsulated in a folding tube which fits atop launcher unit, fired from the shoulder. Launcher unit with folding handgrips is retained after launch, while the spent launch tube is discarded.

History: The FE-P Launcher system is just one of several weapons systems that found its way into Rebel hands early in the civil war. The two-part weapon system proved to be particularly useful in terms of flexibility and portability, as it allowed infantry troopers to spread the weight of the launcher and several reloads amongst an infantry squad. This proved to be a useful advantage during the Rebel Alliance's withdrawl from Thorstin, when a half-dozen infantry squads from the 3rd Alliance Lancers, armed with FE-Ps, held up the Imperial advance through the Black Mountains for over four hours, allowing the base at Tela to be evacuated in good order.

Use: Lynx Commando deploy the FE-P to protect mainly against airbourne threats, mostly low- flying TIEs and repulsorlift craft, particularly when top cover from Wolfshead Squadron is not available. The missile launcher is also used in the anti-armour role, useful for destroying armoured vehicles at long range.

Firing Arakyd CS-2 Concussion missiles, the scaled-down version of the CM-2 used by many starfighters, the weapon lacks the advanced anti-repulsor GAM missile fired by the mainstay Imperial Missile Launcher, the PLX "Plex" launcher. This has not proved to be a significant disadvantage, however, as the larger warhead of the CS-2 has proven to be more useful against the heavily-armoured units deployed by the Empire such as the AT- series walkers and the Juggernaut Assault Vehicle.

Operationally, Lynx deploys the FE-P on planetside operations when vehicular combat - either from ground or air vehicles - is likely, especially when starfighter cover is not available. Missile teams usually consist of a gunner, carrying the launcher and one or two missile tubes, plus several extra tubes distributed through the squad. Occasionally, a second member of the squad assists with the weapon reloading in order to allow the rate of fire to be increased.


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