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Intelligence/Commando Weapon

Blastech A-440 Blaster Rifle

Designation: A-440 Blaster Rifle

Manufacturer: Blastech Corporation

Physical Description: Rapid fire blaster rifle, two handed use, scope, multiple power and firing rate settings, Approx 50 shots per power pack.

History: The A-440 is the latest high-powered blaster rifle to see service with the Alliance and latterly the New Republic.  The weapon can trace its history back to the A-280 rifle used by Alliance troops on hundreds of planets, reinforcing the Alliance's doctrine of longer ranged, higher powered weapons to deal with Imperial forces' numerical superiority at range.  The A-440 is the latest evolution of the long-barrel rifles produced by the Rebel-sympathetic Blastech Corporation, being lighter and more compact, while still retaining the range and power of, the previous incarnations.

Use:   The A-440 is the standard weapon of Lynx Commando whenever a rapid fire, high power assault weapon is required, usually planet- and station- bound situations where the additional range of the rifle over the standard blaster carbines can be used successfully.

The weapon is equipped with a multi-band scope for long range shooting and a folding stock.  The handle on the top of the weapon is used to facilitate handling rather than be used in combat.

Like most of the weapons in use with Wolfshead and Lynx, the -440 can be heavily customised, and is frequently seen in use with numerous modifications, often unique to the user, such as different stocks, scopes, additional glowrods, ammunition holders, etc.

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"You may fire when ready." -- Grand Moff Tarkin

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