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Squadron Registered Equipment

Wolfshead Squadron Sledgehammer

Wolfshead Squadron Sledge Hammer

Designation: Pilot Remover Mark III

Manufacturer: Strongbow Industries

Physical Description: 3ft long wooden shaft, 7lb head made of plasteel. Head is generally painted Wolfshead. As with the crowbar, owners often make their own modifications, e.g. Mooses has small antlers painted on the head while Hardrive has fitted his with a small rocket motor so the head can be ejected from the shaft. Granite is rumoured to have fitted a small concussion missile in to the head of his "In case of emergencies".

History: On the formation of Wolfshead, it was decided that the new male pilots should also have a weapon along the lines of the ceremonial crowbar. Having proven itself reliable in this field, Strongbow Industries was awarded the contract. A few weeks later the design of a prototype was given to Wolfshead Squadron. In a field test which involved dropping Granite and the hammer into a small Imperial garrison, the sledgehammer was given a rigorous work out, after which Granite concluded "Great fun, can I keep it?". Given this recommendation by the squadrons resident weapons expert, Strongbow Industries was given the contract to produce as many sledgehammers as was necessary.

Use: While the initial designation for the sledgehammer is the same as for the crowbar (to remove over-amorous pilots), this has not been such a problem for the male pilots in the squadron (no comment). However, the sledgehammer has occasionally been put in to use in an escort function, defending the ladies of Wolfshead from their followers.* More commonly they are used in Wolfshead Squadrons occasional boarding operations, being useful against stormtroopers. None are available for comment as it takes them about four hours to regain consciousness, and no-one could be bothered waiting around to question them. Again, like their predecessor, they are especially useful for opening crates and barrels of cargo liberated from the Empire.

*Not that they actually need the protection, they just like to pretend they do.


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"I like Captain Solo right where he is" -- Jabba the Hut

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