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Wolfshead Squadron Medal of Valor
Wolfshead Squadron
Medal of Valor

This medal is the highest honor that Wolfshead Squadron bestows on those very special people who supported Wolfshead Squadron, the Alliance and our Community above and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes a "Thanks!" isn't enough, even when it comes from heart.

This medal is rarely awarded and so far only two noble warriors have earned the right to wear it.



"Arachnoid" Wolfshead 4 (IntO)

While on vacation in his home town "Arachnoid" participated in the arresting of a female thief who had broken into several households and tried to get away with stolen belongings. Without his thoughtful and quick interference she would have gotten away and despite the dangers he prevented her escape.


"A'Kula" Kalidor 3 (TacO)

In one of our most critical hours "A'Kula" from our valiant friends of Kalidor Squadron saved our day. Without his help and support you wouldn't be able to read this pages, as he saved them from being lost in Cyberspace.


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"I am sorry, they landed right before you did, I had no choice!" -- Lando Calrissian

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