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Fighter Squadron


Script for the video "Fighter Squadron:"


Without a good script it's impossible to make a good movie...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
Take 1

The Star Wars' main theme starts playing. A yellow text moves slowly away, toward the infinite, rolling over a star field. The text reads as follows:

Fighter Squadron

The Battle of Yavin had convinced the leaders of the REBEL ALLIANCE that one of the keys to their ultimate victory over the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE was their ability to launch lethal, unpredictable assaults with their FIGHTER SQUADRONS wherever and whenever necessary.

Consequently, the Alliance dedicated a large and important part of its resources to reinforce and improve this most effective weapon in their arsenal.  It deployed new squadrons to open fronts as soon as the craft, supplies, and navigation droids were available.  As well as, above all, the most vital part of the system:  the trained and daring PILOTS willing to put their lives on the line in the fight for freedom. 

The fate of the entire galaxy rested firmly in their hands....

While the music is near to its end, the camera descends for some seconds and then stops. From behind the screen three starships appear suddenly, a shuttle and two escort X-Wings, moving away at high speed.

Take 2

The three ships flying in formation.

WS TWO (Ibero): "This is Wolfshead Two. Wolf's Lair, do you copy?"

Take 3

The Strike Carrier Wolf's Lair moves slowly toward the camera, flying over several small asteroids.

Flight controller: "Loud and clear, Wolfshead Two. Report."

Take 4

The shuttle and the two X-Wings.

WS TWO (Ibero): "The Captainís visitors are aboard the shuttle Compassion. Request clearance for approach and landing."

Take 5

The Wolf's Lair's bridge.

Flight controller: "Very well, Wolfshead Two. Maintain your present course and escort the Compassion to the starboard portal. Afterwards, break away and maintain patrol. There are currently several crafts launching to port, so exercise caution."

Take 6

The shuttle and the two x-wings.

WS TWO (Ibero): "Roger, Wolf's Lair. Wolfshead Two out."

Take 7

Inside view of the hangar bay. There's a lot of activity.

Voice through the speakers: "Warning, clear the flight deck. Shuttle on final approach to the starboard portal."

WS TWO-TWO (Erebus): "This is Two-two, taking off."

Voice through the speakers: "Warning, clear the flight deck. Shuttle on final approach to the starboard portal."

WS TEN (Drake): "This is Ten, ready to go."

Take 8

The shuttle and x-wings approach the Wolf's Lair.

WS TWO (Ibero): "This is Two. We split here, Compassion. Have a nice landing."

Compassion's pilot (Rooster): "Thank you, guys. See you later."

WS ELEVEN (Raiven): "This is Eleven--save some lunch for us, will you?"

Compassion's pilot (Rooster): "Consider it done, Eleven."

The two X-Wings turn to opposite sides and disappear from the view. The shuttle's wings fold upwards just before entering the hangar.

Take 9

Inside the hangar. The shuttle enters and touches softly the deck. A protocol droid walks toward the shuttle while the ramp descends.

Compassion's pilot (Rooster): "This is the Compassion. Landing complete. Disengaging repulsors."

Voice through the speakers: "Shuttle deck crew to the flight deck."

Take 10

The protocol droid approaches the shuttle. This shot is taken from the point of view of one of the newcomers (they're not to be seen).

Droid: "Welcome aboard the New Republic Carrier Wolf's Lair. All our facilities are at your disposal."

Take 11

The bridge. This shot is taken from behind the Captain's chair.

Flight controller: "Captain, the Compassion has landed."

Captain Gen'yaa: "Excellent. Ensign, do you have the coordinates for the rendezvous point?"

Ensign : "Yes, Captain."

Captain Gen'yaa: "Very well. Transmit them to the fighters and let's get out of here."

Take 12

Two a-wings flying in formation. The two x-wings that had been escorting the Compassion join them.

WS TWO (Ibero): "This is Two, we're back. Did we miss anything?"

WS SIX (Arachnoid): "Negative, Two. There's nothing in this system but rocks and dust."

WS ELEVEN (Raiven): "Don't tell me: you're bored."

WS SEVEN (Solo): "Seven here, receiving new coordinates. I guess we're leaving."

WS SIX (Arachnoid): "Well, about time. I bet the Empire will never find out that we've been through this sector."

WS ELEVEN (Raiven): "Donít even say it...."

WS SEVEN (Solo): "Why, how could they possibly have noticed us?"

Take 13

All ships jump to hyperspace. Several asteroids come rolling toward the camera. There's a kind of probe under one of them, it is just coming to life. The Imperial March plays briefly.

Take 14

Final credits.


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