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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:

ARACHNOID / WOLFSHEAD 9 Arachnoid was born a poor child on the barely inhabited planet of Lantan. There he grew to love nature in its most natural and beautiful form, and became attuned to its pulse. His mother would often times catch him speaking to the animals, and if she had not been as wise as she was, she would honestly have thought they communicated.

When Arachnoid was barely nine, the empire arrived, and with it the destruction of all he loved and cared for. Lantan's rich resources made it one of the Evil Empire's starting points hence it would begin its rule of terror over the galaxy.

Not wanting to take part of such destruction, Arachnoid fled at the tender age of thirteen. To board the freighter that was leaving he had to make his first kill with his bare hands. An act which would haunt him to this very day. Free at last from Imperial scrutiny he spent an agonizing five months aboard a freighter until it was miraculously captured by a small rebel force, and he has never looked back since.

Now, at the mature age of twenty-seven, Arachnoid has a love for the Rebel Alliance only surpassed by his lost love for his home planet. His favorite starfighter, the A-Wing, offers him the maneuverability he once relished as a child. Although the thought of the empire darkens his gaze, his heart remains on the true side of the Force.

A real friend...he will do anything to help those around him. Even though his spirit is scarred, he will always greet you with a heart-melting smile and a warm handshake.


Random Quote:
"Bring 'em on, I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around!" -- Han Solo

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