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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:


Name: Thrinssaa Kirsaph
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Race: Trandoshan
Homeworld: Trandosh
Sex: M

Specialties: On a tactical level, subject has demonstrated particular propensities towards interdiction, superiority, and irregular warfare. On a strategic level, subject has demonstrated aptitudes in supply chain establishment and management, presence development, and small theatre strategy.

Background: Records of primary training unavailable and most likely received in service of pirate and/or independent indigenous factions. Childhood and all other early records unavailable with the exception of a criminal record consisting of minor infractions with local constabulary and Imperial garrison. Based on these records, departed home world no earlier than age sixteen.

Directive Dragon. Early Alliance initiative adopted after Imperial raids into Outer Rim and designed to construct a popular support base amongst nominally Imperial-controlled sectors in the Middle Rim. Achieved through supply of and, to a lesser extent, manpower aid of local indigenous factions and pirate groups, designated cells, to disrupt Imperial shipping and provide a buffer zone between Imperial and Alliance forces. Initial successes high with Imperial forces suffering relatively heavy casualties and supply influx to Alliance forces in the Outer Rim increased. Further benefit derived from the establishment of contacts and spy networks that have been, and continue to be, of use in operations.

Cillihawa Sector deemed priority because it served as a bottleneck for forces and shipping passing from the Mid Rim to the Outer Rim. Petes, leader of the Cillihawa cell, most successful Directive Dragon agent. Initially managed to secure Cillihawa sector for a limited time against incursions from other pirate/criminal groups as well as Imperial forces. Fleet grew to two frigates and three strike cruisers, along with various support craft (Corellian corvettes and other assosciated support craft). Toll on shipping in excess of 6,000 mixed military and civilian craft. Rewards of varying amounts offered by the Empire for capture or provable execution of Petes and any of his men. Rumors surfaced about questionable tactics, including disabling of life-support systems, and went largely ignored by Alliance Command. Rumors later proved to be accurate. Eventual dispatch of large Imperial task force ends Petes's involvement in Cillihawa sector. Most of Cillihawa cell destroyed, with only frigate Impaler, Petes included, reaching safety of Alliance-controlled space. Scorched space tactics used in retreat, rendering shipping lanes impassable and rendering numerous planets uninhabitable .

Propaganda effort undertaken by Imperials focusing on Alliance support of Petes. Public outcry led to the trial and execution of Petes by Alliance High Command. Now fully aware of the difficulty and repercussions of maintaining unsupervised support with independent groups operating outside any standardized procedural code, Directive Dragon was terminated. Most Dragon cells either assimilated into the Alliance or were eventually destroyed by the Empire.

Subject active under Directive Dragon, Cillihawa Cell (Cillihawa Sector), under Petes. Stationed aboard frigate Impaler, Petes's flagship, in command of t-wing squadron Morning Star. Later acted as envoy for Petes, dealing extensively with Alliance representatives as well as various neighboring faction leaders and representatives.

Survivors from the Impaler given new identities and offered non-combat positions contracting for the the Alliance. Due to the reward for the capture, still outstanding, a majority joined or worked in some capacity with the Alliance. Subject was given, and accepted, this option and provided valuable insight into starfighter tactics employed by Petes's forces as well lent his extensive underground contacts and experience in leveraging these contacts to the Alliance cause.

Post-Directive Dragon, Pre-Hoth. Served on team tasked with the ongoing evaluation and updating of starfighter tactics. Helped develop and implement indigenous force training. Developed reliable supply chain models and convoy tactics to support Alliance growth.

Post-Hoth to Present. Served in advanced units preceding the majority of the retreating Alliance forces. Negotiated safe passage through various star systems for the initial retreat. Continued service in negotiating new supply routes and alliances with indigenous groups. Stationed Firebase Bravo as attaché. Helped develop and maintain all aspects of Alliance presence along the Kira and Enarc runs, including spy networks and interaction with local groups.

New identity created for subject after battle of Endor. Subject allowed to enter flight training and graduated top of his class. Combat status re-instated and made official member of New Republic Navy despite his age. Assigned Wolfshead squadron, strike carrier Wolf's Lair.

Personality Profile: Subject often appears aloof and brooding. Highly intelligent, efficient worker. Detail-oriented and innovative. Shows recurrent disdain for standardized procedural code and may have problems with authority. Tendency towards extreme and unconventional solutions which may be indicative of possible neurological and psychological disorders. Behaviour also tends toward aggressiveness. Indications, however, are towards reasoned action, albeit guided by possibly faulty logic systems. Loyalty to groups and individuals which have earned his trust appears unwavering, although criteria for such trust remained ambiguous to profiler.

Subject uncooperative in detailing background data. Available data supports conclusions of profiler, although no indications of root cause are available.

Due to subject's unique past, commanding officer should be wary of investing undue authority in subject. Subject's decisions, while not made impetuously, tend to be made without consultation and without warning.

Command has reservations, unsubstantiable by profiler, as to the extent to which subject may still adhere to ideals enacted by Petes.

Profiler also expressed concerns over subject's dedication to New Republic ideals, largely dismissed by Command based on subject's service record of more than 15 years.


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