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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster: 
Major Ibero on board a B-Wing Dario "Ibero" Pozo was born in the planet Iberya, not far from the Coruscant system, and with time he obtained a high degree as a software engineer, got married, and began to live happily with his wife Marife in the town of Lorance City. 
But that was broken when Imperial troops, searching for a Rebel group that was supposedly hidden in Lorance, took control of the town and isolated it from the rest of the world, forbidding either entrance or departure through the town. 

Q: What happened then, Ibero? 

A:  Well, I was out of the city when that happened, assisting to a conference, and Marife was inside... When I tried to return, the Imperials denied me the access "until further notice"... I thought I was going to become crazy, unable to communicate with my wife, nor even know whether she was fine or not. An old partner from my work, Edu, who had left the company and the city a year before, literally adopted me and gave me a temporary home with him and his family. But... 

Q: But? 

A: After eight months I couldn't bear any more. Edu had got a job for me in his new company, but I was unable to concentrate on the work. I tried several times to enter Lorance without success, and after the last time, when a pair of stormtroopers discovered me trying to force my way in and they almost killed me..., - do you see this scar here, on my neck? This shot could have done it. Well, I managed to escape, but Edu thought that I needed a vacation from my own life, or I would have myself killed next time. 

Q: Ah, the legendary vacation that ended in what remained of the old Alliance base in Yavin IV... 

A: Exactly. If you want details take a look at the report I wrote after that (POV: Something is happening in Yavin IV). We were able to repair and old Y-Wing that the Alliance had left behind when they evacuated the place, but we took off just to involuntarily start a battle against a Victory Class Star Destroyer, the Gray Wolf, and its fighter complement... Hehehe, you can believe me, I've never been so scared in my whole life. Fortunately for Edu and me, White Squadron had chosen that precise moment to attack the Gray Wolf. 

Q: After the fight, you joined the Rebel Alliance and White Squadron Squadron while your friend Edu decided to return home. 

A: Yes, he had a family to care, you know, although I'm sure that he would have enjoyed this as much as I do. For me... This was exactly what I was looking for. 

Q: You adopted the callsign "Ibero" honoring your planet... 

A: This is not completely exact. People from my planet are called Iberian or Iberish. Ibero is the name of the old civilization that colonized the planet, thousands of years before the old Republic. There is not too much from them to be seen, but the few rests that the archeologists have found seems to demonstrate that they were good warriors, constantly fighting to defend what they had constructed there from an invader after another. And you see, Iberya had been invaded again, so I decided to use their name. 

Q. A good symbol. By the way, I've been told that you had something to do in the name and the logo of your new unit, Wolfshead Squadron... 

A: Yes, it's true, I was who painted it. When we were informed about what our new missions would be like, I thought of wolves. As you know, wolf is one of those species that has accompanied Human Kind in its spreading throughout the Galaxy, like cats, dogs or horses. They were domesticated, of course, and considered practically another dog race, but wherever they have found an opportunity to return to wild life, they have taken it. Iberya is one of those few places where there are wolves leaving in freedom, although in a very reduced number today. They are terribly smart, and they use to hunt in group, deadly coordinated to catch their preys. Their ability to survive in hostile environments is amazing. When I commented all this, Lieutenant Commander Schroeder, now Wolfshead CO., remembered something she had once read about a mythical pre-Republic soldiers who called themselves Wolf's Heads. They were people who had lost their leader and were making the war by themselves, and that was something we knew very well by our own experience. 

Q: Do you mean when White Squadron's Commander disappeared... 

A: Yes, but I'm not authorized to talk about that. 

Q: All right, forget it. Now talk us about yourself. 

A: What do you want to know? 

Q: Your work on Wolfshead Squadron, for example. 

A: Well, as all my squad-mates, I have to train constantly to improve my piloting skills, and from time to time, I have to use them, you know. Beside this, I'm the squadron's Intelligence Officer. I receive all the reports available about the Imperial activities, and about the sectors we have to travel through. Basically, my mission is to analyze all that information and extract the clues which will allow us to do our work. In my previous work as software engineer I had to do that all the time, analyzing data and looking for solutions for the problems we were supposed to solve using our computers, but I never imagined that I would use that experience for war affairs. Ah, some times I also have to use that knowledge to slice into enemy computers, steal information, sabotage and stuff like that. Who would have imagined this when I was in University... 

Q: Yes, I bet that was not one of your subjects there.... Well, what about your wife? Don't tell me that you've learnt to be patient... 

A: Oh, I see you are well informed... As far as part of it is public domain now, I think I can talk about it... A bit. All right, after the action where Edu and me were rescued by White Squadron, our Commander was so kind to put me in contact with Alliance Intelligence. That contact has proven to be very useful since I've taken the Intelligence Officer position, but then it was only a way to allow me to know about my wife. She had become the leader of local resistance back in Lorance... 

Q: A courageous woman... 

A: Yes, I still can hardly believe the things she does... Some time later there were other Rebel cells, when the Imperial dominance stretched to the rest of the planet, but hers kept being one of the most successful, under direct supervision from General Crix Madine. The General's people were able to bring me news from her from time to time, and inform her back about how I was doing. With time and some, let's say, investigation work, I was able to trace part of the contacts chain, and I used that information to make her a visit... 

Q: That was what I had heard, but I was unable to believe it. Do you say that you managed to enter in a planet under Imperial control and return? 

A: I had some help. 

Q: Can you give me some details? 

A: Sorry, but I'm not authorized to talk about that either, you know. I've caused myself enough trouble so far... 

Q: But you can talk about the consequences of that travel, can you? 

A: Yeeeeees, I can. It's obvious that this is what you were looking for with this interview, the human side of the warrior an all that, aren't you? 

Q: Hehehe, the readers love that. And well? 

A: We managed to have some... private moments, and now we are waiting for a baby. 

Q: Great! 

A: Yes, you can have a beer on me. Everybody does... 

Q: Thank you, Lieutenant, I'll have it. Tell me, when is that baby expected? 

A: Around next February 9th, Standard Galactic time. 

Q: Are you happy? 

A: What a question... Can't you see my face? 

Q: All right, all right, I'll write "immensely happy". 

A: Hehe, thanks. 

Q: And where is your wife now? 

A: That is a secret now, my secret and the New Republic's... 

Q: I see. Do you think that Iberya will be free before your baby is born? 

A: Don't publish this, but you can bet on it a year salary... 

Q: Glad to hear it! Well, I think I have enough stuff for my article, and a dry mouth, too. You told me about a beer a minute ago... 

A: Ah, sure! 

If you want to know more about Ibero in real life, visit his personal page in this site.

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"Who's scruffy lookin'?" -- Han Solo 

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