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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:


Name: Michael "Raiven" Rovardi

Race: Human

Age: 25


Born Tieos, Abrion Sector. Unremarkable childhood, entered Fighter Training College on Ogive IV, before graduating to Imperial Academy, Carida. Reasonable pilot, showed particular aptitude with TIE Advanced. Other notable skills include marksmanship, particularly with long-barrel weapons.

Initially assigned to ISD Dominator as TIE Fighter Pilot. Served with distinction in various battles, against the Alliance and also during the Harkov and Zaarin Incidents under Admiral Thrawn. Progressed rapidly through the ranks and through the various starfighter types, reaching Captain at the age of 23.

Transferred to Special Ops division of Imperial Navy after promotion to Captain. Assigned to 2nd Special Operations Group as flight leader, 8th Wing, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Flight - The "Dark Stars". Performed several Special Operations. >> classified <<.

Surfaced on Nar Shadaa where contact was made with local Rebel Alliance operatives. Assigned Flight Training (Abbreviated), with high scores.

Combat Operations with Green Squadron (X Wing), on board CRS Katarina, Farlax Sector, as flight leader, 3 Flight. Transferred to Wolfshead Squadron short time before the Mantara crisis.
Summary: An able and skilled pilot, Raiven shows no signs of regret or guilt at defection to the New Republic, in fact, shows signs of guilt at not doing so sooner. Greater detail of circumstances of joining the Rebel Alliance can be found in report file X43710/Flight.

Non-starfighter combat skills make this pilot useful outside standard New Republic Navy roles. Recommended for duty with Wolfshead Squadron by >> classified << due to "Special" nature of projected Wolfshead operations.

End File

Raiven now flies with R2-RPN, a LeoWorks/ Industrial Automaton R2 Astromech droid. It has been electrically pointed out that Raiven does not own this droid.


Random Quote:
"I like Captain Solo right where he is" -- Jabba the Hut

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