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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:

Rooster's - DON'T touch! :o)

An employer who was too lazy to call her by her rightful name and likened her appearance the barnyard bird unceremoniously gave Lumi Rus’ti. "Rooster" has struck with her since then.

She grew up on the Lumi Moon, way beyond the Magellan Drifts. Her fellow Lumis acted as her parents and siblings.


Respectful, happy and a hospitable species, the Lumis welcomed almost everyone to their planet. At age 6 Standard, Rooster was paired with her partner, Lumi Rox’ti. The two were inseparable until the Imperial invasion. The Lumis believe that if you are paired with someone early in life, you will value life more strongly and not take advantage of it.

Like all Lumi, Rooster has electrically charged brain extension receptors, which change color at the tips. She also has one long one in the front. You can tell how a Lumi feels about something by the color of her receptors:


Amber: Trust/Affection
Pink: Happiness/Love
Emerald: Confidence/Sadness
Brilliant White: Fear/Distrust (white standing on end)

Her continued loyalty to the Alliance turned her receptors all colors. An ultimate compliment.

An awarded chef by trade, she came to the Search and Rescue field via the Alliance CRS Liberty. While onboard for over 2 years, she held 3 different positions, the last one being her best. After leaving her home of 2+ years, she spent a brief period of time as an understocked, ill-prepared independent pilot. Her new position in the Alliance is Wolfshead 16. Rumor has it that she signed on with the Wolfshead Squadron during a drunken celebration. Alliance Intel Officers have not confirmed these rumors.

Since photography is prohibited on the Lumi Moon, no photo is available.


Random Quote:
"I like Captain Solo right where he is" -- Jabba the Hut

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