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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:




Name: Charbel "Solo" Tengroth
Age: 29
Height: 1.74 m
Weight: 68 kg
Human male from Correllia, fair haired with green eyes.

Favorite starfighter: X-Wing
Sidearm: Rapid fire blaster (customized stormtrooper rifle of unknown origin)

Speciality: Transport Piloting & Gunnery

Intelligence evaluation: Due to his past, "Solo" is an accomplished transport pilot, and quite good in the field of starship mechanics and engineering. This, and his natural ability for languages, makes him well suited for undercover and other low-profile missions on alien territory as well as in areas controlled by the Empire. He has shown to be quite resourceful even under pressure, but his compulsive gambling behavior has raised some doubts on his reliability. Alliance Intelligence therefore recommend that "Solo" is not to be sent out on missions without a senior officer present, and that precautions need to be taken when operating in areas where gambling is allowed.

Background: Flight officer Tengroth was born and raised on Correllia. He started out early on as a space trader, working on the usual trade routes until having earned enough money to start his own business. He seem to have mostly dealt with legal goods, according to the records we have accessed, but his gambling got him into trouble more than once. The travels have given him
invaluable insight into the complex interracial cultures and societies found in the Outer Rim and other fringe systems. 

Flight officer Tengroth joined the Alliance after having lost his ship and his business partner, a Sullustan named Boone, during an escape from the Empire. They were caught planetside when the Empire moved in to take over the system, having delivered medical supplies to the planet. Volunteering to cover the evacuation of the local beings, flight officer Tengroth took charge of the small starfighter force while Boone and the rest of the crew stayed on the
Correllian vessel. They got away, but the transport had suffered extensive damage and imploded on exiting hyperspace. A few days later "Solo" arrived at an Alliance outpost in a battered Z-95 requesting permission to join our cause.

He then served in several squadrons before being accepted into the White training squadron aboard the frigate Joan D'Arc. Showing great progress as a fighter pilot under the supervision of Captain Gregory, "Solo" was recommended transfer to Wolfshead squadron.

Captain Tengroth has received reprimands on several occasions for reckless and disorderly conduct since transferring to Wolfshead Squadron. However, putting him in charge of the X-Wing flight seems to have had a positive influence on his conduct. His performance during the campaign in the Mantara sector was satisfactory, as were his displayed leadership abilities.

His cunning and unconventional efforts in the Seibergia Campaign have found recognition as he was selected to for the position as Wolfshead Squadron's Intelligence Officer recently.  


Random Quote:
"You may fire when ready." -- Grand Moff Tarkin

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