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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:

Name:  Hank Chiu

Explorations Unlimited 

Rank: Flight Officer



Born on Corellia to a young couple from Xanadu. His parents worked as pathfinders for Explorations Unlimited, a deep space exploration firm based in Corellia. Pathfinders were the first on the surface of the planets that were discovered.

As soon as he was able to walk, he joined his parents on the less dangerous assignments. During his schooling, he displayed an interest in fly and one of his friends in the Screaming Demons escort squadron taught him how to fly. Since pathfinders had little to do aboard ship except wait for the next planet, Hank decided to pursue a position in an escort squadron as well.

It is to be noted that Hank passed the flying and decision-making exams with flying colors. After two weeks assigned to the training squadron at company headquarters on Corellia, he was reassigned to the Argo and Ghost squadron as both a pathfinder and a pilot. When the Galactic Empire dissolved the Republic, Hank and his parents decided to stay with the company when it relocated to Bespin.

He remained assigned to the Argo through that time. He and Manx, a Togorian pilot, were the first on the scene when the Artemis, an exploration class Mon Calamari cruiser, returned from a survey mission in a classified location.

Further information on this incident is classified Top Secret and a written request must be made to the Council in order to view the rest of his file.

Three years later, Hank applies to Wolf’s Head Squadron.


Random Quote:
"Will someone get this walking carpet out of my way?" -- Princess Leia Organa

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