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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:

Vyper - Wolfshead CO Michael "Vyper" Stauber was born in a small colony in the Magaen Drift, which was destroyed by renegade Imperial Forces while he and his brother Raven were offworld.

Raised by relatives he soon joined the Imperial Navy as a fighter pilot and served with different squadrons like Tiger's, Foxhound's and Lancer's in the Shadow Strikefighter Wing. Later he joined Phoenix, moved to the Dark Riders and together with his former Commanding officer from the Lancer's he created the Black Knights Squadron.

Upon that time he made his first real personal contact with the Rebellion when he met Raven again. Aboard the captured and re-christened ISD "Happy Jack" (which later became the home of Blue Squadron) he learned that Raven was fighting for the Rebels. Together they later located and eliminated the evil Ka'jat, who had caused the destruction of their home colony.

Since the beginning, Vyper has always had the problem that he too often said what was on his mind. His controversial point of views, his loyalty to his friends, combined with his temper, which he always fought to control, raised more and more problems with Imperial authorities and finally led to his defection to the Alliance.

After a short training period with Red Squadron, Vyper graduated with flying colors and was accepted into the ranks of White Squadron, where he served as Intelligence Officer until he moved on to Wolfshead Squadron. While serving as Executive Officer for more than a year he was chosen to fill the role of Commanding Officer when Avery "Foxfire" Schroeder decided to step down.

Random Quote:
"If this doesn't work, we're in deep bantha dung. . . . Bantha dung it is, then." -- Han Solo

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