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Intelligence/Commando Weapon

SoroSuub SD-54 and SD-58 Blaster Carbines

Designation: SD-54 and SD-58 Blaster Carbines

Manufacturer: SoroSuub Corporation

Physical Description: Rapid fire blaster carbine, two handed use, Bullpup format, simple sights, multiple power and firing rate settings, Approx 50 shots per power pack.  SD-54 has shorter overall length and lighter weight at the cost of reduced shot power.  SD-58 has longer barrel with corresponding increase in range and power.

History: The SD-54 and -58 stemmed from the requirement for a compact blaster carbine suitable for use for numerous mission roles.  SoroSuub originally intended the weapons to replace the existing Carbine in use with Imperial forces, plans which were brought to a sudden halt after the Battle of Endor.  Being extremely pragmatic, the Sullustans sold to just about anyone, and numerous shipments are continuing to find their way into Alliance hands. 

Use:   Numerous units have been equipped with the carbine so far, with Wolfshead/Lynx taking a particular liking to the weapons - the SD-54 is small enough to be concealed under a jacket for intelligence and covert work, while the larger -58 is still compact enough to be used easily in assault and ship capture operations, and powerful enough to cause most opponents serious trouble.

The SD-58 is the weapon of choice for most Lynx shipboard operations, since it is less clumsy and less powerful (and therefore less dangerous to use aboard ship) than the Blastech A-440 rifle that forms one of the other mainstay weapon for the Commando unit.  However, some members prefer to use the lighter SD-54, with selection generally based more upon personal preference.

Wolfshead operatives requiring heavier firepower frequently use the SD-54, since the short overall length means the weapon can be slung beneath the shoulder and hidden underneath a jacket, providing heavy firepower with maximum surprise.

The Wolf's Lair's contingent of Republic Marines use the SD-58 aboard ship when carrying out security duties and repelling boarding operations.

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