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Duralinium Chainsaw


Duralinium Chainsaw

Designation: Custom close-quarters weapon.

Manufacturer: Modified McCulloch 460 Chainsaw

Physical Description: 3ft long, 2ft of which is the revolving duralinium-plated blade. The rest holds the motor and powerpack.

History: The McCulloch 460 was actually part of the equipment for the deck crew of the Claymore, the Strike Cruiser Granite served aboard whilst in the Caldanian Space Defense Force. The deck crews did not have the safer laser cutters and so used these heavyweights to cut pilots free of wrecked starfighters. By chance, on the day that Caldania was attacked by the Empire, one of the deck crew had left the chainsaw in the cockpit of Granite's Y-Wing. Later in the fight, Granites fighter was badly damaged and disabled, but he managed to escape by cutting away the cockpit canopy using the chainsaw and throwing himself into space, taking the chainsaw with him. The Regis pulled him in with a tractor beam, and he's carried the chainsaw ever since, especially in the cockpit, to as he put it "discourage boarding operations." The only significant modification to the overpowered original is the addition of its duralinium plating.

Use: Once described by Shok'wave as "A barbaric weapon for a less civilized age", The chainsaw is best used up close and personal, which is probably why Granite likes it so much. There are weapons that are faster, more agile and more accurate, but when it comes down to it, if Granite can get close enough to you with this thing, you've had it. The duralinium plating and the incredible high speed of the 'saw's motor means that it can cut through just about anything, including opponents weapons! Stormtrooper armour means nothing to this monster, and even hull plating only slows it down. The only chance against this weapon is to hit first. A ranged weapon could take out the wielder if used accurately, but since the blade is unaffected both slugs and blaster bolts, the owner of this weapon can often deflect them (not that difficult if the owner is 5'6" and the chainsaw is 3'0"). Lightsaber users are in for a really special surprise. If the duralinium blade intersects a lightsaber beam, it is designed to reflect the beam straight back to its source, thus overloading the lightsaber at causing it to blow up in the wielders hands. Unfortunately this has yet to be put to the test, as the number of Jedi around willing to go one-on-one with Granite is small, with most of them refusing to participate in the experiment.


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