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Custom Pilot Weaponry




  Daniel "Drake" Sutherland

Close-quarters weapon

Manufacturer: Made by each Jedi candidate.

Physical description: Approx. 1ft long, lens emitter and one end. When activated the coloured beam extends 3ft from the emitter. The hilt of the 'saber is usually made of polished durasteel and contains the power pack and the apparatus for generating the beam. The emitter contains a gemstone which is used to focus the energies generated in to a concentrated blade. Any gem can be used for this, though natural gems are preferred. There are rumours that lightsaber's capable of changing length can be made by using more than one gem in construction, but these weapons are extremely difficult for even Jedi to make, and so are very rare.

History: There are few people in the galaxy who have not heard of the lightsaber, the famed weapon of the Jedi Knights. However, the number who have actually seen a real lightsaber (not the fakes used in holodramas), is extremely small. There are many who say that a lightsaber is an outdated and useless weapon against a decent blaster. While this is generally true, in the hands of a trained Jedi, it is extremely effective. The actual origins of the lightsaber are unknown, as the weapon seems to have been around as long as the Jedi Knights themselves, and with the destruction of almost all Jedi records, it is difficult to pin down an inventor or date of creation. However, the Imperial Museum on Coruscant claims to have a saber dated at over 800 years old.

Use: The lightsaber is quite probably the ultimate close-quarters weapon in the galaxy (though the armourer may attempt to dispute this with his chainsaw). Swift, agile, versatile, the best description of the lightsaber is that given by Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi: "An elegant weapon for a more civilized age". A lightsaber duel is one of the more impressive sights to be seen in the galaxy, with the flashing blades and the crackles and sparks as blades meet, it is something of a spectacle. The lightsaber is, as many know also capable of deflecting blaster bolts, which make it useful against armed opponents. Of course, to do this, its wielder must be a Jedi closely in touch with the Force. Another trick that can be done with the lightsaber, although this takes considerable skill, is to throw the lightsaber then guide it using the Force, eventually returning it to the hand of the thrower. A lightsaber's most famous attributes is its incredible cutting abilities. A lightsaber can cut through anything, with the exception of certain substances capable of reflecting the beam, such as duralinium. This makes it a very useful tool in certain circumstances.


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