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Commando Heavy Weapon

Packered Cobra Grenade Launcher

Designation: Cobra Grenade Launcher

Manufacturer: Packered Corporation

Physical Description: Two-handed weapon, short barrel, firing large Packered Type 'G' grenades.  Folding stock, basic sights, with various options including stock-mounted grenade rack.  Barrel breaks at bore for reloading.

History: The Cobra Grenade Launcher stemmed from a requirement to provide a man-portable, lightweight grenade launcher.  At least, that's the official story.  Rumour has it that, so impressed with Moose's demonstration of his Packered Mortar Gun (a demonstration that a squad of Stormtroopers were less than impressed by.  In fact, it could be said that they went all to pieces over the matter.), they wanted their own.  After "acquiring" several examples and placing them through extensive testing, it was decided that the weapon and ammunition's sheer size made it impractical for use within Lynx roles.  Instead, investigations were made into the Cobra grenade launcher, which was procured and cleared for squad use.

The Cobra was selected mainly due to its sheer simplicity (practically no moving parts), and the small size, particularly with the folding stock, which allows the weapon to be reasonably concealable.

Use: The Cobra, like the Adder grenade launcher also used by Lynx, fires Packered Type 'G' grenades.  These grenades come with numerous warheads, including HE-Fragmentation, Shaped-Charge, Concussion, Flashbang, smoke, and various lethal and non-lethal chemical compounds, to name a few.  Mission parameters determine number and type of ammunition carried, for example, shaped-charge and blast-fragmentation are rarely used during ship boarding operations due to the risk of breaching the hull.  Likewise the various gas types are rarely used due to the fact that Stormtrooper armour incorporates protection from these weapons.

In practice, the Cobra can be used as both a direct and indirect fire weapon.  Indirect, the weapon can "lob" grenades over obstacles, while Direct it can be simply pointed and fired (preferably at a reasonable range) at the target.

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