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Commando Heavy Weapon

Packered Adder Grenade Launcher

Designation: Adder Grenade Launcher

Manufacturer: Packered Corporation

Physical Description: Secondary weapon, mounts under the barrel of blaster rifle of blaster carbine (shown here detached, and also with Blastech A440 Blaster Rifle).  Simple tubular construction, with a two-round magazine contained in the handgrip.  Fresh rounds are loaded through the open loading port on the underside of the handgrip.  Normally connected to the main weapon's firing system (and hence fireable by selecting and pulling the main weapon trigger), also fireable via cover-protected firing stud (colour-coded red).

History: The Adder Grenade Launcher is Packered's competition to the ZoneControl Viper Grenade Launcher, which similarly fits under the barrel of a blaster rifle.  The Adder was acquired alongside the Cobra grenade launcher, allowing common ammunition types to be used.  Rumours that the ZC Viper was rejected due to potential confusion with the name of the Wolfshead CO (since they have both been described as short and explosive) have been stamped upon, and anyone caught repeating them is likely to end up as a practice target for Adder training.

Use: The Adder, like the Cobra grenade launcher also used by Lynx, fires Packered Type 'G' grenades.  These grenades come with numerous warheads, including HE-Fragmentation, Shaped-Charge, Concussion, Flashbang, smoke, and various lethal and non-lethal chemical compounds, to name a few.  Mission parameters determine number and type of ammunition carried, for example, shaped-charge and blast-fragmentation are rarely used during ship boarding operations due to the risk of breaching the hull.  Likewise the various gas types are rarely used due to the fact that Stormtrooper armour incorporates protection from these weapons.

The two-round ammunition capacity gives the weapon a useful one-two punch, but it can be tricky and time consuming to reload the launcher in order to carry out sustained fire.  For this reason (and others), sustained bombardment is generally left to those carrying Cobra grenade launchers.

In practice, the Adder can be used as both a direct and indirect fire weapon.  Indirect, the weapon can "lob" grenades over obstacles, however, this is generally tricky due to the bulky size of the primary weapon.  Direct, it can be simply pointed and fired (preferably at a reasonable range) at the target.

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