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The Wolfshead Squadron Crowbar

Wolfshead Squadron Crowbar

Designation: Pilot Remover Mark II

Manufacturer: Strongbow Industries

Physical Description: 2ft long, white in colour, curves back on itself at one end. Forked at both ends. Individuals often customize their own crowbars, e.g. Foxfire's contracts in to itself, reducing its size to 6 inches for concealment.

History: The crowbar was initially designed for the use of the all female pilots of Praying Mantis Squadron. The few female pilots in the Alliance were on occasion annoyed at some of the attention paid to them by their male counterparts. A contract was awarded to Strongbow Industries do develop a countermeasure to amorous Alliance pilots. The Mark I Pilot Remover was the result. After a week long test run in some of the seedier bars of the outer rim, PMS command approved the new weapon, and the initial production run was started with exclusive rights for PMS Squadron. The Mark I was originally painted pink in the colours of PMS, but after the destruction of PMS and the formation of White, the crowbars were repainted white. They stayed in that colour when White Squadron's pilot formed Wolfshead Squadron. At the same time the main supplier was contracted to work on an equivalent system for Wolfshead's new male pilots, which resulted in the Wolfshead Squadron Sledgehammer.

Use: While mainly a ceremonial weapon, the crowbar is reportedly a great asset in any crowded room, busy spaceport bar or packed dance floor. Male pilots who have been privileged to be on the receiving end of this weapon have been reported as saying: "Wha? Head.. hurts.. stars... not again...::WHACK::" The Wolfshead Squadron has also been used in combat against Imperial forces in unusual circumstances, where it has proved one of the better weapons for use against stormtroopers, as there is no need to penetrate the armour. The pilot can quite happily knock the trooper senseless by rattling his head around in his helmet. It is also useful for removing said armour if a more stealthy approach is needed. Opening captured cargo is also something of a specialty for this device.



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