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Personal Sidearm

Czerca -411 Holout Blaster Pistol

Designation: Holdout Blaster Pistol

Manufacturer: Czerca Industries

Physical Description: Compact sidearm, no scope, two power setting. Approx 20 shots per power pack. Much smaller and more concealable than the standard BE-25 and BE-35 pistols, and the SG-6 Heavy Blaster Pistol.

History: The requirements for small, concealable firepower have been recognised for a long time. The -411 is the current incarnation of Czerca Industries' 400 series holout blaster pistols.

Use: The -411 is less powerful than the BE-25, has a significantly shorter range, no scope, and is extremely inefficient with regards to the power pack, usually capable of only firing around 20 shots before exhausting the clip. It has one significant advantage over other pistols used by Lynx and Wolfshead, though, and that is size. The -411 is far smaller and lighter than the BE-25, and hence the BE-35 and SG-6 weapons. The weapon is small enough to be carried in ankle holsters, concealed in pockets, and in at least one case, holstered between the shoulder blades.

The small size of the agitation chamber and galven circuitry of the -411, as with most holdout blasters, leads to an energy conversion that in most pistols would be classified as unacceptably inefficient, leading to rapid depletion of the power pack and a high operating temperature after just a few shots. The -411, however, is at the top end of the efficiency range for holdout blasters, squeezing around 20 shots from a standard pitol power pack - one that would normally power a standard blaster pistol for 100 shots - compared with the 12-shot SoroSuub Compacta and the 10-shot MerrSonn Mini-10.

The -411 is in use with Lynx as a last-ditch backup weapon, as well as Wolfshead in numerous intelligence roles. Several members of the Wolf's Lair crew and Marine security details carry the weapon as backup also.

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