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Intelligence/Commando Weapon

Blastech A-450 Blaster Rifle

Designation: A-450 Blaster Rifle

Manufacturer: Blastech Corporation

Physical Description: Rapid fire blaster sniper rifle, two handed use, high power scope, multiple power and firing rate settings, Approx 50 shots per power pack.

History: The A-450 is the directly developed sniper variant of the A-440 used by Lynx Commando.

Use:   The A-450 is mainly a sniper-specialist weapon, although it does retain most of the features of the A-440.  The longer barrel houses an improved Galven Circuitry array for greater accuracy and range, while the added light bipod allows the shooter greater stability when firing.

The multi-band Senstech "Hunter-Killer" high power scope operates in several modes to provide infra-red, low light, standard and sensor-enhanced views to the operator.  The carrying handle on the top of the weapon was replaced with a lighter folding variety due to the large size of the scope.  The -440's folding stock has been replaced with an adjustable, fixed stock for improved weapon balance.

The A-450 is also in use by Raiven, who carries the weapon in a specialised case fitted to the side of the ejector seat in his X Wing.


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