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New Republic Ship Wolf's Lair

The Bridge

The FRG Wolf's Den was damaged during a recent operation, details of which are not yet declassified. Wolfshead Squadron has been transferred to their new ship, the Wolf's Lair, a prototype of a Calamarian-built ship called a Strike Carrier. This allowed the Wolf's Den's crew to be transferred to the new ship, a circumstance which most Wolfshead's pilots are quite happy about.

Wolf's Lair's Crew


 Talina Gen'yaa


First Officer

Nil Wumb



Ben Al Saruff

Lt. Commander

Intelligence Officer

Mesch Dey'jeaa

Lt. Commander

Navigation Officer


Lt. Commander

Chief Engineer


Lt. Commander

Chief Technician

Mar Hanniuska


Chief Cook


Master Chief

Communications Droid




New Republic Logo

When Emperor Palpatine died on the second Death Star during the battle of Endor, a new era was born, bringing with it great changes both in the Empire and as in what up until then was known as the Rebel Alliance.

While some of the Emperor's closest advisors, Great Admirals, Generals, and other important figures were immersed in an internal battle to try and decide who would be the heir to the throne, the Rebel Alliance had to confront its biggest challenge: Stop being a purely military force, brought on through necessity, to transform itself into a political organization capable of offering a true alternative to the Empire. Barely three weeks after the battle, the Alliance dissolved itself to give way to the New Republic. The ex-senator Mon Mothma was elected its first President without dispute, but the rest of the structure of what was called the Provisional Council (while it remained unable to celebrate true Galactic-wide elections) was a different case altogether. Some of the prime leaders of the Rebellion, like the princess and also ex-senator Leia Organa, and Admiral Ackbar, had a seat in the Council, but the rest were occupied by the political leaders of those sectors which had contributed the most to the Alliance. Amongst them the Bothan Borsk Fey'lya who, taking advantage of the sacrifice members of his race had made to provide the necessary information which made possible the assault on the second Death Star, not only became a fully fledged Councilor, but also one of the most influential.

As news of Palpatine's death was confirmed throughout the Galaxy, more and more sectors and systems issued adhesion requests to the New Republic, specially those which were in the areas most militarily dominated by the old Alliance, but also many which were in sectors bordering those of the Empire, who saw in the New Republic the opportunity they were seeking to rid themselves of the Imperial shadow. It was these systems which could truly tip the balance one way or the other. Mon Mothma was wise to the fact that each of the Council's decisions was scrutinized by thousands of millions of beings, not always with coincidental interests, and although everyone understood the Empire continued to be a threat, not everybody agreed in what should be done next. One of the principal motives for this distrust toward the New Republic was the dominance the humans had had in the Alliance, where the presence of other races was clearly inferior. With the goal to overcome these hurdles, Mon Mothma put forth a decree to try and make every race find representation both in the political and military structures, creating thus a sense of plurality. A few Councilors, and specially Borsk Fey'lya, achieved more power this way than they would have otherwise gained in proportion to the citizens of their world, system, or race.

With this situation as backdrop, the New Republic Fleet High Command had to confront the new era in the military terrain. Most of the Alliance combat units were considered as rapid strike forces, capable of causing as much damage as possible on Imperial objectives and escape. Nevertheless, with the new Balance of Powers, the New Republic needed now to defend itself from these kind of attacks, from either the Empire or the Warlords which appeared from under every stone, trying to gain as much as they could from the general mayhem. Amongst the decisions made during the reorganization of the Fleet, it was decided to organize a new Elite Squadron, designed as a fast intervention force, and which would act preferably inside the New Republic frontiers. The nucleus of this unit would be composed of pilots from one of the Alliance Squadrons, White Squadron, which was well adjusted to the requirements of the new force. Wolfshead Squadron was born.

Admiral Ackbar, always practical, understood immediately that this squadron would be reluctantly accepted by the politicians of the Provisional Council, as it suffered an important defect of "form": It was composed almost in its entirety by humans. To avoid Wolfshead Squadron from receiving a "no go" from the Council, on the provisional list for the crew of its Mothership, Ackbar included preferably non-human personnel. Of course this was not enough, and a few of the main positions had to be agreed upon with other Council members, amongst which was of course Borsk Fey'lya, who managed to impose a Bothan as captain...


Random Quote:
"You may fire when ready." -- Grand Moff Tarkin

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