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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:


Name: R2-LDR "Ledner"

Race: Droid


Ledner is the name given to a LeoWorks/Industrial Automaton R2 Astromech droid whose proper designation is R2-LDR. R2-LDR (Logical Data Regulator) was acquired by the Arrebnac Security Organisation because of his dual skill base – not only was he a highly capable astromech (particularly good at hyperspace calculations), but he was also designed for “data regulation” – a polite euphemism for slicing – and was, unsurprisingly, quite good at it.

Ledner met a very young Drake early during his time at the ASO. While many security officers treated the R2 unit as just another piece of equipment, the orphaned pilot treated him like a friend – and indeed, that is what Ledner became. In time the two became inseparable, and neither Drake nor Ledner had many other friends.

Ledner often helped Drake on assignments; whether chasing down bounty hunters or infiltrating crime networks, his skills were always invaluable. Upon being told of Drake’s plan to steal an X-wing and join the Alliance, Ledner was excited and happy and insisted on coming along. Drake readily agreed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since being attached to first White and then Wolfshead Squadron, Ledner has proven his worth many times, even endearing himself, to some degree at least, with the legendary and gruff Captain Ralne Orris. Originally he was something of a novelty, as White only flew A- and B-wings and there was little need for astromechs. With the formation of Wolfshead Squadron, however, Ledner has lost his celebrity status (a cause for sadness) but has gained new friends of his own kind (a cause for happiness). His closest associate is Raiven’s astromech R2-RPN, commonly known as Arpin. Together, the two trade inside jokes and insults in a language no one save protocol droids and the exceptionally gifted can understand, and try to play pranks on any they can, especially the pilots they fly with.

Ledner is, technically, still the property of the Arrebnac Security Organisation, but then Drake is still, technically, an employee of the ASO too. Neither cares a whit, and both are formally enlisted as New Republic personnel. Given the amount of time since they went AWOL, it seems unlikely that the ASO will try to track them down now. Although if they do, the normally mild Ledner might easily lose his temper. While he does not share Arpin’s characteristic, constantly bitter and sarcastic mien, Ledner can rise to the occasion when warranted. Normally, he prefers to snicker about people behind their backs. He does, however, have a deep concern for Drake which is gratefully reciprocated. The two share an affection for one another and a love of flying that ensures that they are virtually inseparable.


Random Quote:
"Do or do not. There is no try." -- Yoda

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