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Wolfshead Squadron duty roster:

Born and raised on the small agricultural world of Arrebnac on the Outer Rim, Drake was nevertheless very close to the Empire, as his home planet served as an Imperial administration center.

His parents were both minor bureaucrats, but an incident when Drake was only thirteen years old changed his life forever. Drake's parents were taking some time out at a cantina in the capital city while the young boy was at a friend's house. Imperial stormtroopers burst into the bar and raked it with blasterfire, killing almost everyone in the place, with the justification that a traitor to the Empire was there. The young Drake didn't get the news until the next day. His friend's family immediately took him in and it was then that Drake gained an undying hatred for the Empire - a corrupt entity that had killed its own people - his parents - so callously.

Two years later, Drake had applied for and was received at the Arrebnac Security Organization, which is where he was trained to fly starfighters. This had always been his dream, and the ASO was the only way to learn to fly as Drake refused to try for the Imperial Academy, an institution that he hated.

While serving with the ASO, Drake mainly flew a Y-Wing, as its ion cannons were used widely to intercept and disable smugglers, pirates and mercenaries moving through the system. He lamented its lack of speed, preferring something faster like an X-Wing or A-Wing. However, the training was to prove useful to him later. It was also at the ASO that Drake met up with Ledner, his R2 unit, who became one of his only friends. During his time at the ASO, Drake learned not only how to fly and fight but also how to keep his cool when things got heated, as well as how to objectively analyze situations and deduce facts.

Two years after joining the ASO, Drake's adopted family said goodbye to their eldest son, Drake's childhood friend. Before leaving, he told Drake that if he really wanted to get back at the Empire, he should join the Alliance. "And," he finished with a wink, "I hear the Frigate Joan d'Arc is closest to here - White Squadron is based on board. They should be glad to receive you, they're a really friendly group of people."

A few weeks later, Drake was the pilot who disabled a bounty hunter flying a stolen X-Wing, and his friend's last words to him came to mind. Shortly following the X-Wing's capture, after bidding his family goodbye and gathering what few possessions he had, Drake stole into the ASO complex with Ledner and climbed aboard the captured X-Wing. He fired up the engines and blasted his way out, only to be confronted by his former comrades in the ASO, who naturally tried to stop him. Thanks to some fancy flying (and a series of rapid hyperspace calculations by Ledner), Drake managed to make it well beyond the edge of the system to safety. However, the danger wasn't over yet, as Drake discovered that truth when he encountered White Squadron for the first time....

(See POV: The Seizure).

Since accompanying White Squadron pilots back to the frigate Joan d'Arc, Drake has gone through many changes to his situation. The original transfer to the frigate Wolf’s Den and Wolfshead Squadron hit him hard, as he had developed a strong sense of affection for the battered old Joan. He was sad to see the end of White Squadron, but equally excited to be a part of the new Wolfshead and what such a squadron was capable of. He was also pleased to see that the Joan was to be retired into naval academy service, rather than being chopped up to make razor blades.

Likewise, the loss of the Wolf’s Den was a blow, although Drake has come to love the new home of Wolfshead Squadron, the impressive and beautiful Strike Carrier Wolf’s Lair. The spirit and sense of camaraderie that permeates ship and squadron is something that Drake values highly, as well as his friendships with his squadmates and the crew. In particular, he spends much of his time with fellow X-wing pilot Raiven, who joined Wolfshead shortly before the Mantara campaign which was to see the two become fast friends. Their flying is a constant source of pride, their jokes a source of laughter, and their droids a source of worry, as the two incorrigible pilots strive to bring their own particular brand of character to the Wolf’s Lair. Drake also sees Solo as a kind of father figure, although he would hardly dare to say so. And the fact that he considers Ibero almost like a grandfather, Drake swears, will never be known to anyone.


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"Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?" -- Han Solo

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