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United We Stand....

United We Stand.... XWA ToD

United We Stand....




These are times of turmoil on a galactic scale. The New Republic, still struggling to define itself as a government rather than a rag-tag band of rebels, continues its offensive against the Galactic Empire. As the battle draws nearer to the Core Worlds, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate friend from foe, enemy from ally.

Wolfshead squadron, still hurting from a recent engagement in the Viayak Cluster, has received orders to escort their command ship, the Strike Carrier Wolf’s Lair, on a humanitarian relief mission to the Dessarin sector, where tensions are growing after numerous attacks on civilian cargo ships along the trade lanes.

Sometimes, life as a starfighter pilot isn’t fair. Sometimes, you just wish that a mission could go as planned--that the mission parameters given you during the briefing correspond to the situation you will face in space. That what you dread the most, the unexpected, will not become reality so that you can help bring peace to the galaxy.

Sometimes, you just hope to survive.


Some Notes on the ToD

These missions are an entirely new Battle for XWA. They are not designed to be used in the skirmish editor, but will behave exactly as the battles contained in the stock version of the game. As such, provided are some brief explanatory notes on installing these missions for play.

If you have never downloaded any other custom missions for XWA, the process is relatively simple. Simply download the missions files and extract them to your missions folder in your XWA directory. These missions will be released on a one per week basis, and each new mission will be available beneath the specific mission description.

You will also need to download the mission.lst file, which is available below in a *.zip file. Simply extract the contents of that *.zip file to the mission sub-directory in your XWA folder. This will over-write the old mission.lst file, so make a back up if you don't like things being over-written. As a side note, you will only need to download and install the new mission.lst file once. It will be the mission.lst file used for the entire ToD, and all the missions, even those not released yet, will be reflected therein.

To be able to play these missions, you will need a pilot file that has completed all the stock missions in the game. While it seems a little odd to us that there might be some of you out there who own the game and who have not completed the stock missions, it is an outside possibility. So, we have provided a separate *.zip file for download below that will allow you to play the custom missions even if you have not completed the stock missions. Download that file and extract the pilot file to your main XWA directory.

A little farther down the page is a brief description of each mission, along with a file provided for download. This file is not the mission. Instead, it is a zip file containing a bunch of sound files. Wolfshead pilots (and some of their friends) have taken the time to create custom sound files for each of the missions. While these are not necessary to the functioning of the missions, they do aid in the immersive effects. To install these files, follow the directions in the readme file included with each batch of sound files.

If you have other custom missions installed on your computer, you will have a good amount of work ahead of you to get these installed and running. Feel free to send an e-mail to the creators, in this case, asking them what all you need to do.

All missions were created by Charbel "Solo" Tengroth and "Erebus" using licensed versions of Troy Dangerfield's AlliED. Special thanks extended to the members of the squadron, as well as their friends, who contributed voices for the missions. A very special thanks to Superlupinal Corepositionalelation for providing music for the Flash presentation announcing the release of this ToD.

Feedback, good or bad, greatly appreciated.


Mission.lst file

The *.zip file containing the mission.lst file for the ToD.


Pilot File

This is the pilot file refernced in the above explanation, provided for those who have not yet completed the stock XWA missions.


Mission 1: Prelude to Intervention

The Dessarin Sector is on the brink of civil war. Supply convoys entering the sector have been being intercepted and destroyed, which has raised tensions between the two factions.

STRC Wolf’s Lair has been dispatched to the Dessarin Sector in hopes of remedying this situation. On it’s way to the pre-arranged rendez-vous point, it will pass near an Imperial Listening Post, which will be assaulted by AWs Wolfeye and BWs Wolfclaw. Intel leads us to believe that the convoy raids are being coordinated from this location, and we hope that, in eliminating it, the supply routes to this sector will once again be heavily trafficked.

After assaulting the Listening Post, the convoy will arrive at Swedenbourg Complex and offload some of its supplies. This complex is loyal to the Reformists, one of the factions vying for power in the sector.


Mission 2: The Milk Run

Command is currently doing its best to ascertain the size of the imperial presence in the sector. Worried about reprisals against Swedenbourg complex, the Lair will stay on-location while intel-gathering operations are conducted.

We have off-loaded half of the supplies at this location. The rest are destined to go farther in-sector to an agricultural processing complex. With the Imperials apparently present in the area, we have asked that some larger craft be supplied by our allies here to accompany our forces and the supplies to their final location.

Be wary. While we do not expect there to be any trouble with this operation, we have already run into more of an Imperial presence than we initially expected.


Mission 3: Making Amends

Colonel Gen’yaa and Lieutenant Commander Dey’jeaa have been able to arrange for peace talks between the Unionists and Reformists. We have met with CRV Seraphim, which has on board the arbitrators sent by High Command, and are to escort it to the location of the talks. Gen’yaa and Dey’jeaa will join us there, arriving with the Reformists on one of their ships.

Once there, our fighters will perform perimeter patrol. It is likely the two factions will want to launch patrols of their own, and they will be allowed to do so. However, we will need out pilots and gunners to be very alert should anything go wrong. The situation is still very precarious, however, so do not let your trigger fingers be too itchy.

Once the talks are complete, which should take about half an hour, New Republic forces will remove to a neutral location. From this location, we will make sure that details of the peace accords are upheld.


Mission 4: Lost and Found

Colonel Gen’yaa and Lt. Com. Dey’jeaa have been taken prisoner, and we’ve lucked out: our Unionist friends have located them. One of their spies has informed us when an Imperial transport craft will be arriving to take custody of the prisoners—a show of faith on the part of the Unionists.

The most vulnerable part of the transfer will be between when the transport leaves the base, Horshach Complex, and arrives at its mother ship. Unfortunately, the Unionists’ source has been unable to furnish them with the route the Imperial transport will be taking.

We are sending CORT Mystic, renamed the Crazy Lady and posing as a bacta smuggler, to Horshach complex. While she docks, Lynx will slice into the complex’s systems, ascertain the transport’s route, and transmit that information back to the Lair. Once the Imperial transport is on its way, we will mount our rescue attempt.


Mission 5: The Gambit

It is becoming more and more apparent that the majority of our problems in this sector are due to Imperial intervention. Unfortunately, we have yet to locate the main imperial staging point for this sector, and this has become our priority.

To this end, Gen’yaa and Dey’jeaa have devised a plan to draw the Imperial forces out of hiding in hopes that we can then track them to their staging point. Since, at least for the moment, the Reformists are allied with the Empire, we will be attacking a major Reformist station in hopes that this will draw out an Imperial response.



Dario "Ibero" Pozo has been kind enough to provide the image seen at the top of this page for the ToD. What's even better news is that he has supplied versions large enough to serve as the wallpaper for a computer.

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